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Meet Leslie Schilling, MA, RDN, CSCS, CEDS-S
Nutrition Therapist, Dietitian, & Author

With her warm, compassionate, and entertaining personality, Leslie has been featured in Women’s Health, BuzzFeed, the Huffington Post, Pregnancy Magazine, The Yoga Journal, Outside Magazine, Market Watch, The Seattle Times,  HGTV, and more! She’s been an expert contributor to US News & World Report and a performance nutrition consultant with the NBA and Cirque du Soleil. Leslie is a sought after speaker, as well as the creator and co-author of the award-winning book Born To Eat.  Now, read her new book, Feed Yourself: Step Away From The Lies of Diet Culture and Into Your Divine Design.


Don't wait to work with Leslie, jump right into her work by reading Feed Yourself or Born to Eat.


Get the professional support and experience you need to feel confident in your non-diet practice.


As a dynamic speaker and podcast guest, Leslie has the skills and experience to connect with your audience.


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As a coach & nutrition therapist, Leslie helps her clients step away from the grasp of diet culture.

Nutrition Therapy & Coaching

Living in a weight and body-obsessed culture is hard, but it doesn’t have to be that way. As a sports dietitian and nutrition therapist, Leslie can help you pursue health and performance without chasing a number on the scale.

Diet culture permeates American society–even in our safest of places. It lurks in schools, playground conversations, medical offices, and even in our places of worship. We’re often told (& sold) well-meaning messages wrapped in language rooted in diet culture, not truth. It’s only when you begin to see diet culture’s lies that you can fight back, build resilience, and trust your divine design.

SEE Diet Culture
STEP Into Freedom
Read Feed Yourself

Once we see diet culture, we can't unsee it. Diet culture will not be our legacy!

Leslie Schilling Sport Dietitian Nutrition Therapist
Join Other Professionals

Leslie is passionate about supporting other helping professionals use non-diet approaches in healthcare & sport through supervision.

Get Professional Support & Supervision

As an International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals – Approved Supervisor (CEDS-S), Leslie supports registered dietitians, fitness pros, mental health practitioners, and those in other disciplines to gain educational experiences and hours toward the CED specialist credential. Email to get started!

Individual Support
Specialty Groups
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