From nutrition therapy to sport nutrition to speaking and professional support,  Leslie has you covered.

With more than twenty years of experience...

Leslie offers the following nutrition, coaching, and media services.

Nutrition Therapy & Coaching

How we feed ourselves can be an intimate process. From feeding a family to chronic dieting and eating disorders, Leslie knows how to help you change behaviors for good. She uses a non-diet approach to help clients use their own nutrition intuition and nutrition intelligence without restriction. Check out Leslie's book, Feed Yourself, and get started now.

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Individual & Group Supervision

Leslie has worked with nutrition and fitness professionals for more than two decades. Whether she's teaching from the stage, presenting a webinar, or consulting one-on-one, Leslie has a passion for supporting other helping professionals use non-diet approaches in sport & fitness. Email to get started.

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Nutrition for Sport Performance

Having been an athlete, Leslie understands the nutritional and psychological demands of sport - from pro athletes to fitness enthusiasts. As a sport dietitian, Leslie has a particular interest in helping clients understand, prevent, and recover from Relative Energy Deficiency (or REDS), a syndrome related to low energy availability. You don't have to diet to feel and fuel well.

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Need a Dynamic Speaker?

Leslie has worked with a broad range of clients like Chobani and KIND Snacks to deliver wellness topics or key brand messaging. She’s also provided health and nutrition training to support companies like EXOS, Sprouts Farmer’s Markets, mega-churches, and even military small groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Leslie offers a variety of services. Check out the FAQs about Leslie’s availability, payment structure, nutrition philosophy, and more!

I’m a weight-neutral practitioner that uses a non-diet approach.
That means we focus on behaviors that can improve your relationship with your body, food, health, performance, and overall wellness (not a number on a scale). This approach may or may not change your weight, but we do not focus on it. 

In our diet and weight-obsessed culture it makes sense that weight loss would be on your mind. Weight loss seems to be a first line of defense for all ailments. However, pursuing weight loss is not the same thing as pursuing health or well-being. I do not help clients with weight loss attempts because I feel so strongly that it could bring you to harm. I also help my clients advocate for health-care, and not weight care, with other care providers. 

No, I do not file insurance. I am happy to offer you a detailed receipt for your appointments. Health savings accounts can generally be used for medical nutrition therapy services. 

My writing and supervision services have been keeping me very busy. In order to offer the best support to the clients in my private practice, I sometimes have a wait list or will refer you to a colleague. Right now, I’m taking on very few new clients.

Both! I see Las Vegas-based clients in my office, and offer virtual coaching services to clients in most states.

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